iHire, a company that strives to help job seekers find the right job for them and employers the qualified job seekers to join their team, was interested in expanding their video marketing. They wanted to share their brand in a way that would help them stand out from their competitors. Using their blue ProudMan as a starting point for character design and visual style, we strove to push the element of fun while still getting their message across.

During the development for the look and style of this video, we had to explore ways to show different occupations for the multiple ProudMans that could be recognized in an instant. We also tested different ways to show various environments and how colors affect the mood and tone of the video.

Part of the challenge with this project was finding a way to successfully portray emotions through ProudMan as he worked his way through the job seeking experience. Without a face, we relied on strong poses and actions to express his thoughts and feelings.


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