Life Drawing Marathon

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There is nothing like live figure drawing to bring some energy and movement back into your sketches. I took a weekend figure-drawing marathon class at the Delaplaine and it was wonderful! We worked on paper that was about 4′ x 4′. I haven’t worked that large in quite a while and it was a really nice, very freeing change. We started off with really quick gestures which we’d shortly erase to start again and muddy up the page a little. From there, we settled into a few longer poses.

I should have taken a couple pictures of the short gestures, but alas, I’ll remember to do that next time (I’ve already signed up for the next marathon in mid May.) Anyway, here are a few photos of my drawings from the longer poses.

Medium Pose Single gesture drawing in charcoal - March 2014 Not a great photo of this one, but the paper was all curled up so I needed to hold it down and I had a lamp in the corner :-/

Long Pose Duo gesture drawing in charcoal - March 2014

Medium Pose Duo gesture drawing in charcoal - March 2014

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