Foggy morning on the rocky coast of Maine

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I’m a traveler at heart. Not that I get the opportunity to travel all the time, but I love to with every chance I get. Right after my college graduation, I took the brief interlude between school and work in the real world to take a road trip up and down the east coast of the US. I reveled in every experience with the southern belles down south to the gruff, yet charming, personalities in the North. Not only that, but the change in scenery is incredible. There’s the flat, countryside and cities of North Carolina all the way up to the historic city of Boston and hiking the mountainous trails in Maine’s National Park. Over 1000 miles and so many different landscapes.

This brings me to the challenge of such beautiful natural wonders – how in the world do you capture them?! I’ve never had much luck getting the in-person view captured through the lens of a camera (it’s just not my forte). The colors are never right, and my composition is always off, erg…it can be so frustrating. And to describe it in words? Well, I’ve always thought in pictures more than words…so, I give you my best shot at capturing Acadia – illustration.

Foggy Morning on the Rocky Maine Coast illustration

I spent a full day exploring Acadia National Park, from sunrise to sunset and the scenery was incredible. The smell of the water and summer blooming flowers, combined with the waves colliding into the rocky shores edges were so tranquil. There was a fog that rolled in, giving the whole park, a slightly wondrous feeling to it’s vast landscape. I absolutely loved the visit and would highly recommend the Maine coast for a relaxing natural getaway.