A Weekend Full of Figure Drawing

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I took another figure drawing marathon workshop at the Delaplaine Arts Center in May. If you’re in Maryland, I highly recommend it whether you’d be taking it as a way to dive back into drawing from life or for picking up a new hobby or skill. It’s open to all skill levels and the instructor, Allen Bentley, is great!

So on to the artwork! The marathon kicked off with fast-paced gestures (about 1 min each).


After that, we settled into a longer pose (about 1 hour or so)


We finished the day with another long gesture drawing which continued into the following day. Funny thing with this drawing though…all of us showed up the next day to continue this long pose drawing only to find out that one of the models (the one in the front) had a flat tire and couldn’t make it to the session. Needless to say, that made finishing this one a whole lot more difficult. The other model switched back and forth between poses to help us out. This one’s a little rough around the edges but the unforseen circumstances made for an interesting challenge.


As you can imagine, we cut that pose shorter than we planned and moved on to a third.

All in all, a very fun and creative weekend!


Figure Drawing Marathon flyer




P.S. look who made it on the flyer advertisement for the past marathon!

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