Due to the caring members of the community, the foundation has been able to help countless causes every year and they wanted to thank these everyday superheroes properly – superhero style! For this year’s annual dinner, the Community Foundation of Frederick County went all out with the superhero theme. As part of the Digital Bard team, I was a part of the team creating the introduction video.

The pre-production process began with creating the look of the main superhero, Phil Lanthropy. Since the Community Foundation was also interested in having a live person play Phil Lanthropy, I collaborated with Jean Peterson Design to work off the chosen actor and create an illustrated version of him. These illustrations were incorporated into their annual report book as well. After these illustrations were fleshed out, I proceeded to create the rest of the world and community around them. These comic book illustrations were then brought to life through animation. This was a great challenge and a fun experience to draw in a style that I don’t typically get to explore. At the end, I had the wonderful pleasure to attend the annual dinner and see all of the pieces come together.

Phil Lanthropy character design: Angela Jazmine & Jean Peterson Design
Illustrations & Graphics creation: Angela Jazmine
Animation: Angela Jazmine
Annual Dinner report and print collateral: Jean Peterson Design


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